Student Services

The Student Services Department is tasked with overseeing student discipline, student assignments, and the process for suspensions and expulsions.  The School Services Coordinator is also the liaison between our schools, local law enforcement agencies, the Department Juvenile Justice, the Health Department and the Office of Civil Rights.  Additionally, the School Services Department oversees hardship out of zone waivers, residency questions, student transitionally, and student transfers.  

Student discipline is developed through a collaborative process that begins at home and flows into the path of a student's day. This includes behavior on school buses, school properties, during extra-curricular activities on and off our campuses, and field trips.  School personnel and administrators supervise your student's behavior throughout the school day and enforce the School District's Student Code of Conduct.  Concerns regarding assigned discipline measures should first be addressed to the administration at your student's school.  

If concerns remain after speaking to your student's administrator, parents are invited to contact the Student Services Office:

Office number:
(386) 329-0538

​Fax numbers:
(386) 312-4918
​(386) 312-4919