230 Union Avenue

Crescent City, FL 32112

Phone: (386)698-4710

Fax: (386) 698-1548

Luz Guerrero, Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Gabi Soto, Case Manager
[email protected]

The purpose of the FCDP is to provide career services and appropriate training to eligible migrant and seasonal farmworkers or their dependents and to provide emergency assistance to those who choose to stay in farm work.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Proof of residency

  • Birth certificate

  • Resident or DACA card

  • Social Security card

  • Driver license

  • Tax Returns or Pay stubs

Services offered:

  • Training Costs

  • Tuition Fees

  • Personalized Counseling

  • Books

  • Supplies

  • College Applications

  • Uniforms

  • Scholarship and Grant Applications,

  • Career and Skills Assessments

  • Mentorship

  • Parent Involvement

Schedule an Appointment to meet with us or call us at (386) 698-4710: