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The Putnam County School District welcomes around 10,000 students through our doors every school day. We understand how important public schools are to the vitality and economic growth of our community. As a district, we have a responsibility to graduate students who are ready to contribute to our local economy as well as the world beyond.

With a premier workforce and the support of our community, we are prepared to accelerate educational outcomes in rural America. Our new strategic plan creates a path of equitable opportunities to improve the experience and performance of all our students. A focus on strengthened core instruction and expanded programs will improve academic achievement. Our revitalization plan will provide safe and modern schools. An emphasis on the whole child will develop well-rounded graduates who are ready for life beyond graduation.

When our students graduate, they face a world that requires navigation of evolving careers and technology. To ensure our graduates have a competitive advantage in the future, our actions must be strategic and bold. Our school district will continue to impact the lives of our students and the economic health of our community throughout implementation of our new plan.

The Putnam County School District is shaping the future and that future is in our classrooms.

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As part of our strategic planning process, we included the voices of our stakeholders in updating our brand and defining who we are as a school district.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a student centered, safe and caring environment that promotes academic excellence, reflects diversity, celebrates the joy of learning, and equips all students with knowledge and tools to achieve their full potential in an ever-changing world.

Our Vision

We shape the future of our community by preparing all students for success in college, career, and life.

Our Values

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Our Commitment to Students

Our school district’s strategic plan defines our vision, mission, and the strategies we must implement to ensure every student is prepared for life beyond graduation. Whether our graduates enter the workforce, seek career training, enlist in the military, or enroll in college, they will be prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world. We know the work of preparing our students for new challenges requires a creative and bold approach, one which we thoughtfully embrace. This is our commitment to students of the Putnam County School District.

One way we will fulfill our commitment to students is by ensuring all graduates develop the skills and character traits outlined in our Portrait of a Graduate. Our Portrait of a Graduate defines a set of six competencies that we believe all students should demonstrate when they graduate from our school district.

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Our Course of Action outlines five areas of focus along with long-term strategies for each area. Specific actions and measures of success are developed annually. 

5 areas of focus

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We know that success is earned. Throughout this strategic plan, we will report progress on our website, through various presentations, and during the Superintendent’s annual State of the District. At the end of each school year, actions from the previous year will be evaluated and new actions will be developed. This will ensure our strategic plan remains responsive, relevant, and robust.

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