Diploma and Graduation Cap


Implement and monitor high expectations for student performance and school accountability.

  • Support elementary leaders with developing plans to close student achievement gaps in mathematics.

  • Increase inclusion of students on access points in general education classes.

  • Refine expectations for progress monitoring of student growth and mastery of content.

  • Hire an Executive Director of Leadership Development to support principal leadership in student performance and school accountability.

  • Promote high expectations for student performance by implementing structures that increase student ownership.

Develop effective, evidence-based, and equitable literacy instruction in all classrooms throughout the district.

  • Provide professional learning opportunities and supports that align with new legislative requirements for elementary reading intervention.

  • Design and facilitate school-based support for implementation of the B.E.S.T. Standards for English Language Arts.

  • Increase diversity within instructional materials to reflect our students and community.

  • Coordinate district wide implementation and coaching support for the use of adopted literacy resources.

Provide high-quality, standards-based mathematics instruction that focuses on fluency, student discourse, and conceptual understanding.

  • Expand support for secondary mathematics teachers through the addition of a math coach for grades 7-12.

  • Prepare for implementation of the new B.E.S.T. Standards for Mathematics in 2022-2023.

Implement exploration and career planning activities to increase participation in college and career pathways.

  • Develop K-12 activities that highlight career opportunities in our school district, local community, and Northeast Florida.

  • Implement the Naviance college, career, and life readiness toolset with students in grades 8-11.

Provide equitable student access to advanced academic programs.

  • Expand the Cambridge program to include Middleton-Burney Elementary School.

  • Implement Advanced Placement Computer Science at all secondary schools.

Align and expand programs and course offerings for the STEM careers of tomorrow.

  • Provide a weekly STEM class in grades K-5 and a daily STEM course in grade 6.

Premiere Workforce Icon


Recruit, develop, reward and retain a diverse workforce to meet the needs of our students.

  • Create and implement an employee exit interview process to analyze trends.

  • Evaluate current recruitment methods and expand advertising on social media.

  • Negotiate compensation for employees on the classified salary schedule who complete and maintain certifications.

  • Provide training for non instructional staff serving in leadership roles.

Support employee overall health and wellness.

  • Create messaging that builds employee knowledge about health plans and wellness.

  • Encourage the use of myStrength for employee mental health counseling and Teladoc for general medical care.

Facilitate and support learning that changes instructional practice and builds teacher leadership.

  • Provide professional learning for teachers of AICE and AP courses to impact student success on exams.

  • Foster and expand partnerships to provide affordable reading endorsement options for educators.

  • Expand the understanding and use of the State of Florida Professional Learning Standards to increase changes in teaching practice and improve outcomes for students.

  • Expand district professional learning communities to include more grade levels and content areas.

  • Provide Grade 6 STEM teachers with targeted STEM professional learning.

  • Provide training opportunities for non-instructional employees to obtain licensures and certifications.

Provide training opportunities for non-instructional employees to obtain licensures and certifications.

  • Provide reimbursement options for certification tests.

  • Expand partnerships with local colleges/universities to provide employees with opportunities to pursue degrees/certifications.

  • Broaden training opportunities for all classifications of employees.

Practice good stewardship in the management of resources.  

  • Analyze the return on investment of federal funds.

Provide competitive salaries and benefits for all district employees. 

  • Increase the district’s fund balance.

  • Allocate resources to ensure all employees are paid competitively for their positions.

  • Increase overall compensation for bus drivers.

Building icon


Implement a ten year phased plan to revitalize school facilities across the district.

  • Accumulate capital outlay funds for construction of new schools while continuing to maintain current facilities. 

  • Adopt a resolution committing the required local capital outlay revenue for special facility construction.

  • Submit a funding request to the Special Facility Construction Committee of the Florida Legislature.

Ensure technology systems and hardware are modern, secure, efficient, and maintained.

  • Increase network connectivity to 1GB at elementary schools and 5GB at secondary schools.

  • Install new VOIP phone upgrades in all facilities.

  • Provide security awareness quarterly bulletins and/or training for employees.

Provide safe, efficient, and on time transportation for students.

  • Develop new bus routes based on the school consolidation plan and removal of routes within two miles of school facilities.

  • Schedule ASPEN training for bus drivers on how to manage students in crisis

Maintain effective school safety procedures, infrastructure, and best practices.

  • Integrate crime prevention with environmental design strategies in planning for new construction.

  • Transition all employees to the ASPEN program for how to manage students in crisis.

Improve operational efficiency and compliance.

  • Reduce the time between submission and completion of work orders.

  • Implement the receiving module and management of internal funds in Skyward. 

  • Transition to online student registration.

  • Ensure all budget monitoring and audit boxes of federal grants are electronic.

  • Use the Kickup platform to streamline the documentation of teacher certification points.

  • Provide more timely security transitions for administrators and staff when changing schools and/or positions.

Atom symbol, basketball, and palette


Connect families, stakeholders and school personnel to create a community where students experience academic growth and develop a respect for diversity.

  • Begin working on criteria required to seek exemplary school district status from Florida’s African-American History Task Force.

  • Collaborate with community partners to offer classes for non-native speaking parents in English language skills.

  • Develop and maintain a partnership with the Palatka Housing Authority to support students outside the school day.

Achieve competitive excellence in athletics with a commitment to support every student-athlete's academic and personal accomplishments.

  • Increase athletic opportunities for students in grades 7-8.

Enhance opportunities and increase participation in co-curricular activities offered to students at all schools.

  • Collect baseline data on current participation in co-curricular offerings.

  • Implement an esports program at secondary schools.

  • Support schools with messaging that highlights current offerings.

Prepare every student to graduate with the employability skills necessary for success in life.

  • Implement our new PCSD EXCEL program to support students with developing employability skills and on-time graduation.

  • Educate all stakeholders on our district’s Portrait of a Graduate.

  • Strengthen the implementation of social emotional learning through embedded classroom structures and experiences.

  • Provide professional learning for more teachers on student academic teaming.

  • Promote mental health awareness and available services.

  • Develop programs and mentoring opportunities specifically for students with excessive referrals and suspensions.

Community Collaboration


Improve community and business partnerships to allow for expansion and sustainability of career pathways.

  • Expand targeted community groups for the Florida Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA).

  • Seek partnerships and funding to apply for a legislative appropriation for a building construction technologies career pathway.

  • Develop advisory committees for potential Career and Technical Education programs.

Provide flexible learning environments through school choice options for students and families.

  • Develop a stronger school culture within Putnam Virtual School.

  • Refine the home education enrollment and tracking process based on Florida Statute requirements.

Strengthen public trust, pride, and engagement in our school district.

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of all current community and business partnerships.

  • Support schools in developing new partnerships with businesses and faith-based organizations.

  • Host monthly meetings of the Parent Involvement District Advisory Council.

  • Train district and school leaders on branding awareness and guidelines.

  • Implement updated FDOE guidance regarding School Advisory Councils.

  • Conduct surveys to monitor public awareness and perceptions of the school district.

Facilitate ongoing, timely, and accurate communication with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Create a Director of Community Relations position to lead the communications department.

  • Identify employees at each school responsible for communication and social media.

  • Improve consistency of internal communication with employees.

  • Reimagine district formats for two-way communication including advisory councils and community meetings.

Celebrate and promote the achievements of our students, employees, and community.

  • Implement consistent expectations for promoting school and district achievements.

  • Host an event that celebrates business partnerships.