The Student Astronaut Challenge

Q.I. Roberts Wins Astronaut Engineering Competition!

Q.I. Roberts Senior High Astronaut Team (L to R):  Coach Colonel Ski, William Dalton, Ashtin Duffeck, Nate Stairs, Brandon Stouffer, Nolan Gets, Ennvie Duffeck, Assistant Coach Helms

Q.I. Roberts Junior High Astronaut Team (L to R):  Coach Colonel Ski, Silas Tabler, Isaiah McMeekin, Yann Lin, Ty Carson, Matthew Moreno, Asst Coach Helms

Eleven students from Q.I. Roberts Jr Sr High School competed February 6th through the 8th 2023 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in the 11th Annual Student Astronaut Challenge.  Amongst tough competition from across Florida, the High School team placed first in the Engineering Challenge.

Both the Junior High and Senior High teams took part in four separate competitions including a full Space Shuttle Mission simulation, a Space Shuttle day/night/instrument landing competition, and a design competition involving the selection of a moon landing site for NASA’s Artemis mission.

The Q.I. Roberts Junior High astronaut team finished in the top10 in the State of Florida!

The Q.I. Roberts Senior High astronaut team won the Engineering Challenge by working through a multitude of anomalies in a Space Station scenario.  Three students were the “mission control” at Houston, while the other three were “crew” in orbit on the space station Skylab. 

(L to R) Nate Stairs, William Dalton, Brandon Stouffer, Nolan Gets, Ennvie Duffeck, Ashtin Duffeck, Colonel Ski