2023 PCSD Employees of the Year Ceremony

2023 PCSD Employees of the Year Ceremony
JAN 17, 2023

The PCSD 2023 Employee of the Year Recognition Ceremony was held this evening at the Jim Pignato Theatre at C.L. Overturf, Jr. District Center. Honoring 36 PCSD employees, the evening was a celebration of the brightest teachers and staff who go above and beyond to offer PCSD’s students and families a rigorous and enriching learning environment that not only fosters their education but connects them to the greater community. 

Keynote Speaker: Melissa Matz, Florida 2023 Teacher of the Year.

[Keynote Speaker: Melissa Matz, Florida 2023 Teacher of the Year]

Attendees enjoyed a keynote speech from Melissa Matz, Florida’s 2023 Teacher of the Year. Matz, a 7th grade math teacher at Lakeside Junior High School located in Clay County spoke to attendees about the importance of taking the plunge in trying new things. Reminding listeners of the child-like feelings of learning to swim, Matz encouraged attendees to implement new things in the classroom even when it seems daunting. Reminding all in attendance that they are not alone, that they are supported by their peers, administration and all who work in PCSD.

The most anticipated moment of the evening was the announcement of the District Employees of the Year!

[PCSD 2023 Teacher of the Year: Katrina Feola, Crescent City Jr.-Sr. High School]

The PCSD 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year recipient Katrina Feola serves the students and families of PCSD as an English I teacher at Crescent City Jr./Sr. High School. Mrs. Feola brings 30 years of education experience to PCSD. With 20 years experience in various levels of administration, she re-entered the classroom in 2021. Mrs. Feola’s passion for helping students achieve their goals goes beyond the four walls of her classroom. Feola is a member of a variety of committees both at the school and district level. Her value for collaboration is also displayed by her willingness to open her classroom to fellow educators and administration in order to continue helping students and teachers alike find success. She says “I’m an educator because I move that sometimes dim present into the brightest future.” It is evident through the words of the  students, teachers, and administrators that have had the opportunity to work with her, she has impacted countless lives and will continue to do so as she represents PCSD as the 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year. 

[PCSD 2023 School Related Employee of the Year: Ashely Cassels, Ochwilla Elementary School]

The PCSD 2022-2023  School Related Employee of the Year recipient Ashely Cassels serves the students and families of PCSD as the Executive Secretary at Ochwilla Elementary School. She has served in this position for 3 years and takes on the primary responsibility of handling all school secretarial duties. Exceeding her required responsibilities, Mrs. Cassels also trains support staff, oversees school finances, and acts as a backup for the data clerk, bookkeeper, and clinic aid positions. Mrs. Cassels also is active on a variety of committees and is involved in planning all major school events. Mrs. Cassels exemplifies what it means to fulfill the mission of providing and advocating for the highest level of academic excellence, tools, and technology for student success. Her continual strive for excellence within her school, our district, and the community have awarded her the winner of the PCSD 2022-2023 School Related Employee of the Year.

[PCSD 2023 (Department-Based) School Related Employee of the Year:  Stacy Owens, Administrative District Office.]

The PCSD 2022-2023 Department-Based School Related Employee of the Year recipient Stacy Owens serves the students and families of PCSD as a Data Quality Coordinator in the Career and Technical Department at the District Office. Her 17 years of service to PCSD has provided her with experiences at the school level, consortium level, and district level. Combined with her expansive knowledge about education law, policies, and procedures for the state of Florida, she is both well-read and well-rounded. Ms. Owens primary duty is to assist in developing and implementing policies, regulations, and laws. She consistently goes above and beyond with many describing the amount of work she successfully completes as “mind boggling”. Her dependability, loyalty, and dedication to PCSD are just a few of the many reasons Ms. Owens has been selected as this year's 2022-2023 Department-Based School Related Employee of the Year. 

[Principal of the Year Nominee: Tracy Taylor, Mellon Learning Center]

[Assistant Principal of the Year Nominee: Paula Adams, James A. Long Elementary School]

We would like to recognize and congratulate all of the nominees this year. To be selected by their peers and administrators is truly a remarkable achievement.

2022-2023 Teacher of the Year Nominees: Ashley Mattson, Katrina Feola, Katie Hess, Nicole Saullo, Rebecca Alexander, Haley Ridenour, Stephanie Virnstein, Sara Hebert, Sheena Zonicle, Kristie Meyer, Parecia Leigh Johns, Marjorie Stamm, Joanifuer Jones,  and Michele Knowles

Support Related Employee of the Year Nominees: Krystal Sweat, Holly Savel, Yvette Rosas-Perez, Carrie Williams, Juan Soto, Karla Ecker, Kerilyn Leggett, Esmeralda Arevalo, Jennifer Mascia, Artis Allen, Ashely Cassels, Pamela Sharp, Melissa Pahota, Tiffany Stouffer, Eric “Rick” Crouse, Byrdlou “Kim” Mack, Lucille Cronk, Cynthia Melendez, Tiffany Gillman, and Stacy Owens

Substitute Teacher of the Year Nominees: Darrel Wooten, Melissa Bryan, and Maria Villegas


PCSD would like to thank the following business leaders and community sponsors: Georgia-Pacific Corporation- Koch Industries, Bates Hewett & Floyd Risk & Insurance, Beck Automotive Group, Seminole Electric, Capital City Bank, ESS, 91.3 Hope FM, Palm Florist, Publix Super Markets, Musselwhite’s Seafood & Grill, and The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc.