CCJSHS Cambridge Students

We are excited to share the success of our Cambridge students from QI Roberts and Crescent City Jr.-Sr. High Schools!

QIRJSHS tested 21 different courses, through 972 examinations. Many students exceeded national and international pass rates. 74% of exams taken in the spring resulted in students earning college credits. 72% of the current class of 2022 have already passed their 7 exams needed to earn their AICE diploma. These passed exams, along with 100 community service hours, qualify students for full tuition through the Bright Futures Scholarship program at any state university in Florida.

CCJSHS tested 11 different courses, through 254 examinations. 60% of exams taken in the spring resulted in students earning college credits. 95% of the inaugural graduating Cambridge class of 2021 earned an AICE diploma qualifying for the Bright Futures Scholarship.

 Dr. Surrency’s plan to increase acceleration options for students throughout the district has resulted in more students earning college credit and being prepared for success in their future college and career goals. On Tuesday, September 7th, students and administrators from each school presented the exam results to the Board at the regular meeting. Board members expressed their excitement for the success of the programs. Dr. Melissa Coleman, Executive Director of Federal Program, introduced the following school representatives who shared their school’s achievements:

 QIRJSH- Joe Theobold, Principal, and Cambridge students, Kilee Morgan and Jahmar Brown.

 CCJSHS- Michelle Tucker, Assistant Principal, and Cambridge students, Elianna Ramirez and Reagan Grimes.