52nd Annual Putnam County School District Spelling Bee Competition

The 52nd Annual 'Putnam County School District Spelling Bee Competition' was held on Friday afternoon, January 29th, in the Putnam County Board of County Commissioners Board Room. The President of St. Johns River State College, Joe H. Pickens, J.D., served as the Pronouncer for the event. 13 students arrived from various schools in the District, took their designated seats, and anxiously awaited the start of the competition. Students, family members, and school staff were welcomed by Assistant Superintendent, Laura France. Superintendent Rick Surrency praised the 13 students competing this afternoon. “This is just a sign of their commitment to education and bettering themselves,” Surrency said, “It is quite an honor to represent their school, their entire student body, here today. I am very honored to be here.”

I - N - S - U - L - I - N… After 24 impressive rounds the District Spelling Bee Champion was announced. Armand Kuykendall, a 7th grader at Miller Middle School is Putnam County School District's Spelling Bee Champion for a THIRD year in a row!

Armand will represent Putnam County as he continues on to the 76th Annual First Coast Regional Spelling Bee which will be held virtually on Monday, March 29th. 

The runner-up for the Putnam County School District Spelling Bee is Connor Huntley, a 5th grade student from Melrose Elementary School. Congratulations Connor!

We are VERY proud of all of the participants of this year's Spelling Bee Competition.

Special thanks to the Flagg Family for the generous donation of trophies. Thank you as well to our judges, Board Members Holly Pickens, Jane Crawford, and Bud Mcinnis.