Several months ago Kelley Smith Elementary School began planning for their upcoming Family Night for December. They decided to do a two night event. On night one they would focus on promoting literacy and art and then follow it up with a Drive Through Whoville on night two.

Originally they were hoping to get eight to ten businesses to participate in the event by sponsoring a Whoville business storefront and handing each KSES student a treat as they went through the event. The goal was to promote local businesses while also giving families a unique family night. When they advertised the event on social media the community responded in a BIG WAY. Locally owned businesses were eager to jump in and participate. They ended up with 26 businesses participating over the two day event!

While advertising the event on social media for business donors our school families began asking to donate money and/or supplies. The school thought it would be best to continue their  focus on supporting their local community and set up a drop off area for families to donate toys to Lee Conlee House and pet food to the SAFE Pet Shelter in Hollister during the event. The response from families during the evening was overwhelming! Kelley Smith donated all the leftover treats the businesses purchased to the Solaris and Vintage Care for their patients.

KSES Pet Food Donation

On December 10th they delivered the food to SAFE Pet Shelter and on the 11th will deliver the toys to Lee Conlee House. We could not be more proud of Kelley Smith Elementary School and of our community!