Girls CAN 2024

In a resounding celebration of empowerment and inspiration, the Putnam County School District proudly presents the successful Girls CAN 2024 event that unfolded at C.L. Overturf on March 8, 2024. As we commemorate Women's History Month, this event stands as a beacon of strength, fostering connections and providing invaluable insights for high school girls in our community.

GIRLS CANBuilding upon the triumphs of previous years, Girls CAN 2024 proved to be a transformative experience, dedicated to instilling confidence, self-belief, and resilience among young women. This gathering aimed to lay the foundation for their future success by exposing them to accomplished women across various fields who have blazed trails of their own.

The event's commencement was marked by a powerful keynote address from Judge Angela Cox, a trailblazer renowned for her historic journey as the first African-American woman appointed as a judge for the Fourth Judicial Circuit. Her impactful message resonated throughout the day, urging attendees to believe in themselves, embrace courage, and persist in their pursuits.

One of the event's highlights was the series of breakout sessions, skillfully facilitated by accomplished women from diverse fields. Students and volunteers alike seized the opportunity to share lunch and engage in informal conversations. These sessions offered 10th and 11th-grade girls the chance to ask questions, seek guidance, draw inspiration from their mentors, and explore a myriad of career options.

As Girls CAN 2024 drew to a close, the attendees were treated to a closing note from Barbara Brown, the Director of Exploration Research and Technology Programs at NASA. Brown's insights into the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) left an indelible mark on the young minds, inspiring them to consider diverse career paths and strive for excellence in their chosen fields.

GIRLS CAN!The Putnam County School District is thrilled about the positive influence Girls CAN 2024 had on the young women in our community. With a stellar lineup of speakers, engaging breakout sessions, and the dedication of volunteers, the event proved to be a catalyst for positive change. It stands as a celebration of the boundless potential within each young woman in Putnam County, reinforcing the belief that they CAN do anything!

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