Monumental Pay Raises for Putnam County School District Employees
February 28th, 2023

Tuesday afternoon, at the Putnam County School Board Meeting, District School Board members approved a monumental Compensation Package. This is the largest Salary increase since June 2019.

  • Minimum wage increased to $15 per hour (in effect since July 1, 2022)
  • Automatic steps classified and instructional
  • All classified employees receive at least $1 per hour raise 
  • Classified Lane 15 (last pay step) increased to at least $16 per hour
  • Head Custodians receive additional per lane above minimum wage increase, average $2/hr 
  • Pre-K Associates receive additional per lane above minimum wage  increase, average $3/hr 
  • Additional funds provided to teachers over state TSIA funds for all veteran teachers to get a $1,057 raise 
  • Additional funds provided to teachers over state TSIA funds for teachers level 0-9 to get a $1,757 raise
  • Bonus: $1,000 for everyone from ESSER ARP written into grant (two reiterations in 2022-2023)
  • Continue contribution of additional $1,500 per year from Group Insurance Fund (above board contribution) toward health insurance
  • Added an additional $800 per year from Group Insurance Fund (now $2,300 above board contribution) toward health insurance
  • School Food Service: Asst. Mgrs. & Satellite Asst. Mgrs. $2 per hour raise
  • Experience/Retention from ESSER (Net $1,000 for 10-14 years; Net $1,500 for 15+ years)

These adjustments are a great way to attract more employees to the area as well as recognize the efforts of our current employees. Implementing the new Salary Schedules and Compensation Package will cost an estimated total of 10.7 million dollars and will be part of the district budget for the 2022-2023 school year.

The district’s compensation plan is made possible by the school board’s responsible financial management, common-sense planning, and low central administrative costs. These efforts allowed for increases that aligned with one of the Superintendent’s Strategic Goals ‘building the district budget with an emphasis on increasing employee salaries’. Putnam County’s dedicated staff members have proven their commitment to the success of our students and schools. Superintendent Surrency’s budget recommendation prioritizes the school district personnel in a monumental way. 

“We are very pleased with the agreement with Putnam Federation of Teachers/United. To all the employees who call the Putnam County School District home, this approved increase is another reason why Putnam County School District is the best place to work, teach, lead, and learn. ”

Anticipated pay dates are:

  • Feb 22- $1000 MOU Pay Day- all employees
  • Feb 23- Experience/Retention Check Pay Day 
  • Feb 28- Regular Check no-increases
  • March 15- Regular Check no-increase
  • March 29 - Retro Pay Day 
  • March 31- 1st payroll with new equal pay amounts