Risk Management & Retirement

Retirement Update


2016 Legislation

In the 2016 Regular Session, the Florida Legislature passed the following retirement legislation and related bills of significance to members of the Florida Retirement System (FRS) and other public retirement plans. Passed bills are presented to the Governor and approved before they may be enacted into law. Click on the bill number to access the associated page on "Online Sunshine" for more information (bill text, analyses, amendments, vote histories, etc.). A brief summary of each passed bill follows.

Enrolled HB 5005 - [Passed, Enrolled] Approved, Chapter No. 2016-63 
Effective 71/2016, this legislation revises the required employer retirement contribution rates for members of each membership class and subclass of the FRS; revises employer assessment to offset costs of administering the FRS Investment plan and providing educational services.

Enrolled SB 7012 - [Passed, Enrolled]
Effective 7/1/2016, this legislation authorizes payment of death benefits to the surviving spouse or children of Special Risk Class member killed in line of duty; establishes qualifications and eligibility requirements; prescribes method of calculating benefit; specifies circumstances under which benefit payments are terminated; requires the State Board of Administration to transfer moneys to fund survivor benefit payments; adjusts employer contribution rates.

If you are approaching retirement eligibility, you may call the Office of Risk Management & Retirement and schedule an appointment to go over the type of retirement plan you are enrolled in and begin to prepare the necessary application paperwork.  Please contact us prior to your anticipated termination date and we can assist you in obtaining an estimate of benefits for you from FRS to help you determine the best option for receiving your benefits.

Workers Compensation

All injuries that occur while you are working for the Putnam County School District need to be reported to your supervisor immediately. Workers' comp insurance may not pay the medical bills if you don't report your injury promptly to your employer.

The administrative staff at all schools and sites have the appropriate forms for completion and will require your signature. He or she will be able to answer most questions, however if you still have concerns about your claim contact Risk Management at 386.312.4933.


Information regarding: General Accidents, Student Accidents, and Student Accident Insurance should be directed first to the supervisor and then to District Risk Management Coordinator.

Student Accidents

The following will occur in the event of a student accident:

  • Parent/Guardian is to be notified whenever there is any degree of injury.

  • The school nurse/designated personnel will assess injury and administer first aid when indicated.

  • Emergency medical personnel are to be called for any indication of serious injury.

The Student Accident Report (SAR) is a required document for reporting student injuries

  • The school nurse or designees initiates the SAR.

  • The school nurse or designees coordinates the completion of the required fields and required signatures on the SAR.

  • The completed/signed original SAR is to be filed at the school/site.

  • The completed SAR (Student Accident Report) copies should be sent to Risk Management.

Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance is made available throughout the year. Our Provider is:

School Insurance Agency
120 53rd Avenue, West
Bradenton, FL 34207

Please contact them or access their website for all information and forms.

Student Accident Insurance Claim Coordination Process

General Accidents

A general accident occurs when a visitor, non-student or non-employee has an accident on Putnam County School property. The following needs to occur in the event of an accident:

  • Complete the Accident Form as needed;

  • Attach any addendums, statements or notes;

  • Forward to Risk Management.

You are encouraged to contact the Putnam County School District when you have questions or concerns.

Deborah Crowley, Personnel Specialist
[email protected]