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Three requirements for Putnam's My District Virtual School enrollment:


1. A parent and student will make an appointment to meet for an orientation meeting outlining requirements and commitments to Putnam's My District Virtual School guidelines and policies. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 386 329-0536.

2. Parents will complete enrollment forms in Room 2-21, located on the second floor, in the new Campbell Administration Building at 200 Reid Street.

3. Students in grades K-5 will complete an online application at Students in grades 6-12 please call and make an appointment do not complete the online application.


Putnam's My District Virtual School is recommended for students achieving on Level 3 or higher on the state assessment for Reading and Math. Level 1 and Level 2 students are required to take Intensive Reading courses that are not available through Putnam Virtual School.

Students (Grades 6-12) will be required to take six courses just as students who attend a brick and mortar school. Students who are Dual Enrolled at St. Johns River State College may not be required to take 6 courses depending on graduation requirements.

Students will need access to a computer and Internet on a daily basis.

Students will be required to take state and district monitoring assessments at a school which will be assigned to them. Parents will provide transportation for assessment days.

Students who are not progressing within the first 14 days of the semester will be dropped from the Putnam Virtual School and will need to enroll at their home school.

Students will need to complete all coursework within the 180 day school year. Students have a flexible day, but must follow the traditional school calendar. Students in K-3 should plan to spend four hours a day on instruction. Students in Grades 4-8 would need to spend about five hours a day for instruction to be able to keep pace. Students in Grades 9-12 may need as much as six hours of instructional time per day to meet the pacing requirements of online courses.

All existing requirements related to student progression including retention, promotion, and grade assignment are the same for Putnam's My District Virtual School as they are for any other student enrolled in the district.

Students completing graduation requirements are eligible for a Putnam School District diploma but do not participate in graduation ceremonies.

A minimum number of assignments are required to be completed each week. Failure to submit the minimum number of assignments on a weekly basis may result in removal from a course and a failing grade assigned to the student's academic transcript. Students with failing grades will be dropped from the Putnam Virtual School and be required to enroll at their home school. A student may drop a course without penalty within the first 14 days. Dropping a course after the 14th day will result in a WF (withdrawal F). If a course is dropped after completing over 50% of the coursework and if the student fails to take the final exam, a final grade of F will be issued. When a course is dropped, another course must be added to continue to be enrolled in a total of six courses.

Grades cannot be transferred from Putnam's My District Virtual School except at the semester upon completion of a course.

Students will only be enrolled during a Fixed Enrollment Window each semester. No students will be allowed to enroll after that window has closed.

All course selections must be approved by district staff counselor to ensure they meet the district and state requirements for the student.


Students must be highly motivated, organized and committed to their education through putting forth the time and effort needed each day.


ESE student information:
ESE students who require specialized direct instruction and support in one or more academic areas in order to succeed in the general curriculum should be aware that this type of intensity of service is not available through a virtual instruction program. The district may convene an IEP team to discuss the appropriateness of the Putnam Virtual School. If the parent chooses to enroll in the Putnam Virtual School against the recommendations of the IEP team, enrollment may be contingent upon the parent revoking consent for services under IDEA.
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