Payroll Forms

Direct Deposit Form
   Direct deposit is available for all employees at any regular bank within the United States.  We are sorry that we cannot initiate direct deposit for any Bank Card Accounts.

    Direct Deposit Form

Deduction Stop Form
    The Deduction Stop form is used to stop deductions that you no longer wish to come out of your check and also to stop your direct deposit.  Deductions that cannot be stopped using this form are your Health Insurance coverage, American Fidelity Cancer and Accident policies, and any court ordered garnishments and deductions.

Deduction Stop Form
First Coast Credit Union
     First Coast Credit Union is the only bank at which we can initiate and maintain a partial payroll deduction.  The following forms may be used to start or change a partial deduction of your check.  You must first have an active account at the First Coast Credit Union bank.

FCCU Partial Deduct. Start Form
FCCU Partial Change Form

FICA Alternative:
    If you were employed as a sub or part-time employee within or after 1999, then FICA Alternative was taken out of your check and sent to an account in your name with BENCOR.  If you have since been hired as a full time employee, then you need to apply for reimbursement of those funds by filling out the FICA Alternative form and submitting it to the Payroll Department

    FICA Distribution Request Form

2020 W-4 Form:
    The W-4 form is used to change your federal income tax withholding.  You may print out the form, fill it out and send into the Payroll Department. 
2020 W-4

Change of Address Form:
    Please keep the Payroll Department updated with your current address and contact information so that all correspondences may be properly sent to you. 

Address Change Form

     Active School Board Employees must reprint their own duplicate W-2's and copies
     of Payroll checks from Skyward Employee Access. 

If you do not have your sign-on

     information, please contact the IT Department at