New Teacher Information


Welcome to the Putnam County School District! We are excited that you have made the decision to “Come Teach With Us!”

Based on research from numerous studies, the one factor that has surfaced as the most influential component of an effective school is the individual teachers within that school (Marzano, The Art & Science of Teaching, 2007). Teachers have the power to influence learning; therefore, a professionally supported teacher has the potential to influence the success of their students.

Instructional personnel new to teaching in Florida are required to complete a Professional Education Competence Program (PEC) before a Professional Certificate can be awarded. The PCSD provides this to all new teachers through our New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP). NTIP is designed as a framework to provide support to new instructional personnel in the area of professional growth. The guiding principles of the NTIP are the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAP) and the Professional Education Competencies (PEC) for professional certification.  The FEAPs are Florida’s core standards for effective educators and provide guidance on what educators are expected to know and be able to do.

FEAP standards are based on three principles that focus on:

  • High expectations
  • Knowledge of subject matter
  • The standards of the profession

  • These practices promote a common language and expectation for quality instruction and professional responsibility. The NTIP is based on the premise that the professional development of new teachers is best achieved through a planned, supportive program through district and school-based efforts.


    The goal of the PCSD New Teacher Induction Program is to provide for the development, demonstration, and documentation of the Professional Education Competencies (PEC) while providing a technical and psychological support system for new teachers.

  • To provide personal support to new teachers;
  • To increase retention of promising new teachers;
  • To foster self-assessment and reflection;
  • To acquaint new teachers with services and resources within the school and district;
  • To improve understanding of effective teaching behaviors, accomplished practices, and educational competencies thereby improving instructional practice and student achievement.

  • Hold a valid temporary or professional teaching certificate
  • Complete the NTIP
  • Submit proper documentation of the NTIP to Human Resources

  • New Teacher Induction Form