Assessment & Accountability

Welcome to Assessment & Accountability 
The Department of Assessment and Accountability works to ensure that student and school academic performance information is accurate, clear and meaningful to all students, parents, educators, and community members.  We provide training for, and the coordination of all district, state and federally mandated assessment programs.

We strive to provide the district with valid and reliable assessments so the resulting data can be used to promote continuous improvement for our students, teachers and leaders.

The Assessment & Accountability Office is also responsible for reporting student membership to the Florida Department of Education for all Putnam schools for State funding.

 Important Dates

October 5:  SAT Test Day
October 7-11:  FTE Survey 2 Week
October 7-25:  iReady Growth Monitoring Reading & Math (Gr. K-8)
October 16:  PSAT Testing for grades 8, 9, 10 & 11
October 26:  ACT Test Day

                                      Our Staff

Director of Assessment & Accountability
Renee' Lamoreaux
(386) 329-0635

Coordinator of Instructional Data Processing
Brenda MacGibbon
(386) 329-0635

Supervisor of Administrative Technology
Donna Myers
(386) 329-0519

Data Analysts
Jennifer Abney
Bonnie Clifton
Sheila Fields
Sheila Williams

(386) 329-0519