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Understanding Grade Calculations

When you set up the grade calculation method in your gradebook you are actually telling Skyward what mathametical equation to use when calculating your students' grades. For this example Iwill use two categories to keep our math problem simple.Let's say I teach science and Itake two grades every week; one on a lab and one on a test. The lab gradeswill beworth 35% and the tests are worth 65% of the grade.The studentscored 85 on the test and 82 on the lab. Follow these steps to see how your gradebook will calculate the grade using the assigned category weights.

1.First apply the percentage weights

2.Labs-35% times the grade of 82 = 28.7

3.Tests- 65% times the grade of 85 = 55.25

4.Add them to get the final grade: 55.25 + 28.7 = 83.95

Please note that if I had failed to enter a gradefor one of thecategories inmy gradebook the grades would be forced to calculate based on what was entered. In Skyward the calculation adjusts so if I had no grade for a lab this week my test grade would be calculatedbased on the total of all categores used so instead of basing my grades on weights that total 100% it would base my grades on weights totaling 65%, but since I only entered a grade in one category it will be 100% of this student's grade for this week. This is a simplified example, but this is the same thing that happens when you don't enter grades for any category that you have set up in your grading "equation".

I found this handy little online grade calculator that Ben Eggleston from the University of Kansas has shared for his students - neat tool. You could also use it to see theimpact of your assigned weights.grade calculator

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