Pre Trip Requirements

DOE Requirements:




Department of Education requires a Pre Trip, En-route trip & Post trip inspection be performed on the bus you are driving every day.


Pre Trips are done A.M & P.M. if you are the only diver for that bus that day.


En Route are done at the school, when you walk through to check for Student, back packs etc.


Post Trip is at the compound when you sweep and put up your windows; you do your paperwork, and check for vandalism.


Pink Sheet: (Trip’s) Pre/En-route/Post. All these are done during a Field Trip.


All bus deficiencies need to be followed up with a work request on Versa Trans


Shop Safety Procedures


Danger Zones:


The shop is a danger zone; there are many hazards, which is why there are signs posted at each entrance to the shop.


"Authorized Personnel Only Beyond This Point"


If you will take time to notice there are lines painted on the floor marking these zones.


The mechanics, shop personnel and temporary help are the only people to be in the shop.


If you need to speak with a mechanic to report a problem with your bus these steps need to be followed.


1. Type up a work request preferably after your morning run.


2. Save and submit on Versa Trans.


a. In the service request, explain briefly the problem, but be accurate. Good descriptive language is helpful.





Right front amber clearance light not burning, or rattling noise coming from rear of bus when traveling on pavement.



If you explain it clearly, you won’t need to speak to the mechanic, they’ll be able to fix, or trace the problem from your request.


30 Day bus inspections:

every 30 days your bus will come in for service, it is always nice to inspect a clean bus, so maybe as a driver you can schedule your bus wash around your service schedule. Please note that NO glass, NO aerosols are permitted on a bus, and NO loose objects, NO stickers which interfere with vision are permitted on a bus. If it doesn’t fit in your console it is a loose object which can be a missile/projectile in an accident. These items will be removed no questions asked, from your bus during the inspection, or the bus will be placed "Out of Service" and you will be assigned a spare to drive.

If you have a field trip,

double check the service calendar provided in your lounge. Be sure as a driver you don’t take a field trip with your bus on the same day it needs to be serviced. We try not to schedule buses for trips on service days, but sometimes we slip up, so please check the calendar first. If it misses service it is legally "Out of Service" for 1 whole day.


They must be checked back in, if you are not office/shop personnel, turn them in, they’re short in supply, and expensive to replace. They will be checked out and/ in for field trips, from the parts room from now on.

Turn your radio off



everyday especially over the weekends; they kill the batteries on the bus, hang your keys don’t take them home

with you!!!!!


Fueling Vehicles & Buses:


If possible all buses should be fueled in the AM after run complete; PM would be for topping off for a trip. I would advise everyone to have their buses topped off every Friday, just in case the bus is needed for a trip over the weekend, or in the case of an emergency i.e.: Hurricane, evacuations etc.


Also sweeping buses during your wait in the fuel island is common, but it is very unsanitary to sweep it on the ground/fuel island. Someone has to clean up your mess. Sweep it in trash can, not the ground! Clear bags are available in the office, so that they can be removed and thrown away in the dumpster, not the trash cans in the office, or by the ice machine, or the fuel island. Check with your route coordinator on each compound for rules regarding disposal of bus trash in CC and IH.


Check Your Key before fueling



!!! You may have grabbed the wrong key, so when you fuel the bus you are actually entering the wrong odometer for that vehicle. When the Prokee is inserted verify that the number of the bus that is displayed is the bus you are fueling.

Washing Buses:


Bus wash, window cleaner, virex, buckets and brushes are made available to all drivers, they are not for the drivers to keep on their buses, and they must be returned after washing is completed. Drivers must have their buses inspected by an authorized person and signed off on a service request. You get up to 4 hours to wash a bus each month.


Bus Wash

: The bus wash is pre-diluted in IH & PL, CC still has the old version, use very little bus wash it’s highly concentrated.


(ALL) who use the water hoses need to roll them up after use, or just get them out of the roadway. We {Transportation} go through more hoses than the whole county because of hoses being run over by vehicles. This is a costly action that can be corrected.

Revised 2/26/2014